Let’s celebrate International Day of the Girl


As a commemoration for International day of the girl-child, I wanted to share a story of how Ghanaian girls are black girl magic.
Occasionally, I participate in my organization Girl Empowerment project, where they set up clubs in schools in the goal to educate girls and boys on gender based violence. One school I normally go to is in neighbourhood called Teshie, home to the Ga people of Accra.
Our Girls Empowerment Coordinator has let us know a few months back, that the ladies in the school pushed each other to run for class elections and they majority of the young girl. Prefects have been part of the Ghanaian school system for decades. School prefects are somewhat similar to the North American hall monitor; students who are basically an extension of the school administration are utilized to enforce school regulations. Prefects are usually chosen because of their maturity, leadership qualities and good behavior, so being chosen as a prefect, while it has its irritations, is considered an honor. At this particular school, there has been no girl ever winning the head perfect and these worked hard to make history with the help of our organization. As a way to share their revolutionary success, I decided to purchase a cake to celebrate their accomplishment. I headed to the school with my cake and supplies alongside other coordinators who were planning out the content for the next 12 weeks with a emphasis on 2-3 economic empowerment workshops, with the young girls and boys. The goal for these economic empowerment workshops is to teach a skill that can benefit the girls throughout life and showcase their work.

The beauty about this group was majority were already artisans, particularly in beading and textiles. In fact, many who had an existing skill, already labelled themselves with a professional title. For me the most impressive thing I heard was lot of the young girls already had indulged in either Business to customer or business to business relationships. The entrepreneurial spirit was alive and well among these and those who did have an advantage were ready to lead by example.

These young girls are Black girl magic because they turn their hobbies into their first jobs on their own will. They are black girl magic because they stood up in their glory and shared their passions unapologetically. Lastly, they are black girl magic because they were willing to take the initiative in specific economic empowerment projects and allowing coordinator to assist in ensuring everybody involved in this school club will leave the program learning a trade or build leadership skills.


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