Meetings at the Canadian Embassy

Twice in one week I was invited to attend small gathering organized by the High Commissioner of Canada

Ghana Diaspora Homecoming Summit

The first invitation was a last minute organized event as I had attended a conference for Ghanaians from the diaspora. Many embassies were not too aware of this conference taking place and once they had heard they all quickly organized gathering for their citizens. So, I got in Uber and made my way to the embassy like a boss! Once I entered the compound there were a few Canadian-Ghanaians or Ghanaian Canadians there alongside the High Commissioner in Ghana and the Senior Trade Commissioner to Sub-Saharan African. They were sharing information on ways families can avoid being penalized when completing applications for visiting, school admissions and or residencies. In addition, they shared trade opportunities for between Ghana and Canada. Meeting up with other Ghanaians from Canada was truly a highlight as I do not find many in Accra even though I hear they exist.

Reception on the ocassion of the visit of the Canadian Minister of International Development and La Francophonie

The second invitation was on behalf of my organization as they work closely with the Government of Canada in gender equality abroad. The Minister of International Development, Marie-Claude Bibeau was in Ghana visiting our partners across the country. Our liaison, fellow co-worker and I came together to represent, the organization. We met up with various NGOs and social impact firms in Ghana doing similar work in gender equality and economic empowerment. We did not get the chance to meet up with the Minister for International Development but we did meet other people within the Government of Canada including a former member of our organization.

Overall both events offered me the opportunity to hear what my country in Canada, the country of sitting on indigenous land is doing for people like myself in regards to my heritage and career development.  Lastly, the food and drinks were good too! I mean free always taste delicious.

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