Ghana Diaspora Homecoming Summit 2017


I had the opportunity to attend 2 out of the 4 days of the Ghana Diaspora homecoming summit.  A lot of representative from the government of Ghana and industry leaders were up on stage sharing wealth of information  to entice Ghanaians from the diaspora to invest into the country.  Ghanaians from the diaspora were in high attendance, coming from Canada all the way to Australia. The passion was so real in this space as many people came to do business in agriculture, REAL ESTATE, manufacturing, construction, and some came to scout for government job vacancies.  Their frustrations were prevalent throughout question and answer period in regards to people being ready to invest but hesitant based on experience. To be honest, I was very happy to see us diasporas voice how unimpressed we were with the types of presentations. Some presentations, were something I could easily find online and it definitely felt like the Ghanaian governmental representatives were selling bogus information to us but they did not know, we have high expectations “coming from developed nations.”

There was a few great presentations I attended such as oil opportunities in Ghana, Marine drive project by the Ghana Tourism, Art and Sports deputy Minister and the Vice President of Ghana speech. I appreciated these particular presentations as they really showcased critical information that was needed for decision-making . Overall, the conference was a great experience to meet other Ghanaians from the diaspora and hear their vision of “The African Dream”

Development, opportunity, value
Ghana Diaspora Homecoming summit 2017

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